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In October get ready for a show on Cruising Authority that will highlight NCL's Freestyle Experience. We're also going to make a big announcement in October so you're in for a treat! Soon we are going to begin to take Cruising Authority to the next level, and I'm sure our listeners will enjoy the changes. October 19th, your host for Cruising Authority will embark on yet another cruise aboard NCL's Norwegian Pearl. I have not been on the newer NCL vessels, so this will be an interesting experience, and of course I will share my insights and observations with our listeners. With the economy struggling somewhat...the cruise lines are having to make certain adjustments with their plans, and NCL is no exception, so it will be interesting to talk with NCL executives and officers about some of these changes. I know from associates who have been on the latest NCL vessels that they have been very pleased with the amenities, the level of service and the quality of the dinning onboard. The ships are very colorful with the hull art and the unique interior decor. I've heard good things about the Freestyle dinning, and I look forward to experiencing this style of dinning aboard the Norwegian Pearl. I do have some reservations about not having the same waiter each evening, and perhaps not having the same table mates each evening, because I think that I might miss the "traditional" way of dinning, so we'll just have to see how it goes. I'll keep an open-mind and report back after the cruise as to my impressions of Freestyle Dinning, which NCL has so effectively branded.

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